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The Frontier Angels

Frontier Angels has a long history of helping entrepreneurs refine and grow their businesses. In just the past 10 years, we have lent a hand to well over 50 companies and played a role in their growth. 

Our Focus
We look for technology-based companies (software, data/analytics, devices, bio-tech, life sciences, photonics, ag-tech, clean-tech, and energy) in Montana, Northern Rockies, and the Northwest region at the “Seed” and “A” stages. We're a bit flexible on geography and will occasionally do a "B" round, but we're pretty disciplined about sticking to our preferred tech sectors. 

Our preference is to find companies with unique and defensible intellectual property; a tech-leveraged business model; a core of strong management; and evidence of market demand for their product/solution. However, we're comfortable with early-stage risks and like to hear from companies with some particular strengths, even if they're missing one or two of the elements above.

How We Help
The role of the angel investor is to provide much more than capital. We offer our experience, mentoring, and access to our networks of contacts to help emerging companies grow and thrive. Many angel and VC groups say that, but our members are successful founders and executives from regional, national, and global firms leading their industry sectors. If we just wanted to invest, we'd spend more time with our brokers than with business founders. Helping entrepreneurs refine and expand business plans is a passion for our angels, not a job. So we look for ways to help you accelerate product evolution, recruit key team members and expertise, find production resources, arrange distribution, negotiate critical deals, and connect with potential customers and partners.
What Our Entrepreneurs Say About Us 
A Few of Our Angels
  • Rob Irizarry
  • Susan Carstensen
  • Nicholas Wickes
  • Pam Sveinson
  • Bill Payne
  • Jim McCray
  • Jeff Reed
  • Keith Brown
  • Stan Abel
Our Managing Director
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Pat LaPointe is an active angel investor with over 20 direct investments in his portfolio including companies in software, biotech, medical devices, ag-tech, and AI/machine learning. He is an active Board member for four companies and also an LP in several venture and private equity funds. Pat came to angel investing from a 20-year background building and successfully exiting several companies in the marketing data/analytics sector, having helped raise more than $100M in investor capital and returned over 7x to his shareholders. He's got an MBA from NYU Stern School and a B.Comm from McGill University. Pat lives in Bozeman where he enjoys the hiking, skiing, kayaking, and fishing that make Montana one of the last best places on earth.