Our Investments.

Learn more about what we do invest in, and what we don't


What We Invest In:

In order to be the very best at what we do, we need to stay focused. So we can only invest in opportunities that meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Tech-leveraged business models where the product is based on some proprietary technology the company developed or licensed. 
  2. Scalable opportunities that have the potential to get very big – companies that plan to be doing $10M or more in annual revenue in just a few years.
  3. Montana-based companies looking for a lead investor. We also consider companies from outside Montana, but only those introduced to us by our angel friends in other states who have already committed to investing in those companies.
  4. Companies who have a product that is at least in beta test stage if not further along. If you are a regulated medical device or advanced technology company with an SBIR or NIH grant, or have early stage clinical evidence, that’s fine. If you are selling software or apps, we need to see evidence that customers are buying (or willing to buy). 

Watch the video below to learn more about what we look for in investment opportunities. Find examples of the companies we have invested in below.

We Do Not Invest In:

  1. Companies based outside of Montana who send us general solicitations without the recommendation of another recognized angel group or venture capital firm. 
  2. Companies who make or sell food, clothing, consumer goods, services, or other things that are not fundamentally differentiated based on some technology advantage

Applying for Investment

Take this quick self-assessment test and see how you score. Also, these are some of the questions you will need to answer before we can consider investing. 

If you meet the qualifications above, please complete this form with your thoughtful answers and we will respond promptly to talk about next steps.


Just a Few of Our Investments...


Steve Dimmer, CEO

A medical device company with a patented new technology the uses advanced engineering and materials science for better fixation of fractures to curved bones (pelvis, clavicle, mandible).

Pyx Health

Cindy Jordan, CEO

AI app that helps diagnose and address loneliness amongst medicaid and medicare patients, improving their health while reducing costs for patients and insurers.


Andrew Maxey, CEO

Advanced chemistry process for cost-efficiently recycling scrap carbon fiber for “light-weighting” auto parts (and other applications). Stronger, lighter parts and significant reductions in landfill impacts.

Beta Hatch

Virginia Emery, CEO

Genetic engineering and advanced farming techniques to grow meal worms as feed source for animals. Replaces costly fish meal with a sustainable, locally-grown, high-quality feed for fish/poultry/cattle.


Taylor Margot, CEO

Artificial intelligence tools that make personalized suggestions to help start conversations or suggest ways of continuing them in any social platform or app.


Charlie Tillinghast, CEO

Real-time security alert platform with fast, reliable information from an advanced network helps corporate security officers of multi-national companies protect people and assets worldwide.


Sean De Clercq, CEO

A financing marketplace where manufacturers with great new products can find funding for inventory orders before banks will loan to them, while investors earn attractive returns.


Nic De Castro, CEO

Matching sportsmen with land owners to book their hunting/fishing trips on private land they couldn't otherwise access. Helps farmers and ranchers unlock more of the value of their land.

Next Step

Chris Hedrick, CEO

Mobile-first technology and advanced candidate screening to recruit, train, and place qualified people in the 500k+ open jobs around the US in nursing, nursing assistants, and home healthcare workers.

Transformative Med

Shawn DeWane, CEO

Software tools that unlock data value buried in electronic medical records, helping hospital staff access and share information quickly and efficiently, leading to better care and higher job satisfaction.


Suzanne Wouk, Founder

A new technology in the "re-commerce" marketplace that helps online re-sellers automate listings to multiple online marketplaces with AI-optimized selling copy and pricing. Re-sellers can post items in 1/10th the time of other tools.


Mark Ranalli, CEO

100% organic and environmentally safe way to completely plug retired oil and gas wells to prevent further methane leaks. Solving a huge economic problem for the O&G sector while creating substantial ESG shareholder benefits. 

Materna Medical

Tracy McNeal, CEO

Innovative medical devices to prevent childbirth delivery injuries to moms and help women maintain sound pelvic floor health and quality of life.

Bone Health Technologies

Laura Yecies, CEO

Innovative device to help women build strong pelvic bones, slow the progression of osteopenia into osteoporosis, and avoid a lifetime of expensive drug therapy.

2Morrow Health

Jo Masterson, CEO

Clinically proven app tools for positive behavior changes like smoking cessation, weight loss, and stress reduction.