A unique Montana-based investment network.

Generating returns for our investors, our communities, and all Montanans by accelerating the growth of the tech ecosystem


About Frontier Angels

Frontier Angels is a group of ~100 people from across the state of Montana who gather every few weeks for breakfast or dinner in Billings, Bozeman, Missoula, or Kalispell to review investment opportunities in the emerging technology ecosystem. Most of our members are current or former entrepreneurs or C-level executives in multinational companies. Their depth and breadth of expertise helps emerging companies develop the right strategies and make the connections they need to grow and thrive.

We’re a friendly group, working together with talented entrepreneurs and our ecosystem partners to create the companies that will be the foundation of the next economy. 


Our Goals

  1. Generate attractive returns for our investors;
  2. Build and organize the pool of available early stage capital to make it easier for entrepreneurs to get funded; and
  3. Invest in companies who will grow to become the new foundations of the next economy and create high-skilled, high-paying and sustainable jobs in our communities.

2020-21 Meeting and Event Schedule

Sept 15 – Virtual meeting on Zoom

Oct 27 – Breakfast in Kalispell – 7:30-10am; Dinner in Bozeman 6-8:30pm

Dec 8 – Breakfast in Billings – 7:30-10am; Dinner in Bozeman 6-8:30pm

Jan 26 2021 - Breakfast TBD; Dinner in Bozeman 6-8:30

March 2 - Breakfast in Billings; Dinner in Bozeman

April 20 - Breakfast in Kalispell; Dinner in Bozeman

June 8 - Breakfast in Billings; Dinner in Bozeman

The Managing Director

Pat LaPointe is an entrepreneur who built and sold three companies in the marketing and data analytics field. These days he brings a very entrepreneur-friendly approach to angel and venture investing, and is on the Board of the Angel Capital Association. With a portfolio of over 40 investments and afflicted by endless curiosity, Pat enjoys learning about new business models and innovative technologies and loves helping entrepreneurs find their path to growth and success. See more at his LinkedIn page.

Pat LaPointe – Managing Director of Frontier Angels

Angels vs VCs – What’s the difference?

While both angels and vc's play a valuable role in the success of any tech ecosystem, there are a few key differences. First, angels invest their own personal money while VCs are mostly investing other peoples’ money. Second, angels tend to invest earlier in a company’s lifestage – often pre-revenue and occasionally pre-product. Third, angels consider not just the potential for cash returns, but also the community impact and the opportunity to “give back” when they evaluate an investment, whereas VCs are legal fiduciaries of their funds' investors and must make decisions based purely on financial returns.

Here in the Montana technology ecosystem, we maintain very close working relationships between angels and venture capitalists. We work together to help companies find the resources they need to be successful, even when it may not come from one of us.