A unique Montana-based investment network.

Generating returns for our investors, our communities, and all Montanans by accelerating the growth of the tech ecosystem


About Frontier Angels

Frontier Angels is a group of ~100 people from across the state of Montana who gather every few weeks for breakfast or dinner in Billings, Bozeman, Missoula, or Kalispell to review investment opportunities in the emerging technology ecosystem. Most of our members are current or former entrepreneurs or C-level executives in multinational companies. Their depth and breadth of expertise helps emerging companies develop the right strategies and make the connections they need to grow and thrive.

We’re a friendly group, working together with talented entrepreneurs and our ecosystem partners to create the companies that will be the foundation of the next economy. 


Our Goals

  1. Generate attractive returns for our investors;
  2. Build and organize the pool of available early stage capital to make it easier for entrepreneurs to get funded; and
  3. Invest in companies who will grow to become the new foundations of the next economy and create high-skilled, high-paying and sustainable jobs in our communities.

Upcoming Meeting and Event Schedule

March 13 2024 - Group Dinner - Bozeman, simulcast in Billings + Start Up Happy Hour (Billings)

May 31 2024 - Founders & Investors Happy Hour - Bozeman

June 5 2024 - Member Meeting @ AC Hotel - Bozeman

July 24 2024 - Founders & Investors Happy Hour - Whitefish/Flathead

Sept 25 2024 - Member Dinner & Start-up Happy Hour - Peak Ski, Bozeman

December 5 2024 - Holiday Party & Member Dinner - AC Hotel, Bozeman

The Managing Director

Pat LaPointe is an entrepreneur who built and sold three companies in the marketing and data analytics field. These days he brings a very entrepreneur-friendly approach to angel and venture investing, and served on the Board of the Angel Capital Association. With a portfolio of over 60 investments and afflicted by endless curiosity, Pat enjoys learning about new business models and innovative technologies and loves helping entrepreneurs find their path to growth and success. See more at his LinkedIn page.

Pat LaPointe – Managing Director of Frontier Angels

Our National Network

If your business needs $1M to $5M in growth capital, we'll bring our national network of investors in to help close the gap

Angel Capital Association

The ACA is the national organization representing over 200 angel groups and over 14,000 angel investors investing over $1B annually. They provide training for entrepreneurs and investors, early stage investment analysis and insights, and strong lobbying support for federal and state public policy initiatives to encourage angel investing. Learn more at the AngelCapitalAssociation.org.

Angel Syndication Network

ASN is a network of over 40 angel groups across the country who gather online each month to see presentations from several companies nominated by members. Together, we invest well over $100M annually in the best companies we can find.