Frontier Angels members are business executives and community leaders from across Montana. They are savvy investors, but more importantly are excellent mentors who give generously of their time and experience.


Membership Criteria

Our members bring a very diverse set of experience and expertise from banking to real estate to medical practice to software to deep tech, and much more. Some have been doing angel investing for decades while others are brand new at it. But they all come because they:

  • Enjoy the energy and passion and innovation of today's entrepreneurs
  • Like investing in creating jobs in our communities
  • Make new friends and contacts from a broad spectrum of backgrounds
  • Want to add the early stage asset class to their balanced investment portfolios 

Membership in Frontier Angels is by invitation only, and is only for those who:

  • Are Accredited Investors – those with incomes and/or net worth above a level specified by the SEC.
  • Bring business or technical expertise to the group along with a desire to mentor and support entrepreneurs.
  • Are thoughtful, respectful, considerate, tolerant, ethical, and fun to be around.


What Members Say:

  • "I love the innovative companies I see. I also love leaving meetings with renewed faith that we can all still solve big problems."
  • "The meetings are so well run. Everything works like clockwork with just the right balance of business and socializing."
  • "It's a terrific group of people and I've made more than a few new friendships. I really enjoy the incredibly diverse range of experience you see in every meeting."

Inquire About Membership

If you meet the Membership Criteria and think you'd like to be part of our group, please complete this brief form and we will get back to you promptly with more information.